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Meet the CapRadio Browser Button!

The simplest way to turn your purchases into donations. Easy and FREE! After you've installed this simple add-on to your browser, you won't spend another nano-second wondering whether or not your shopping is generating donations. You don't even have to start shopping from CapRadio Shops! Simply shop online as you normally do and you'll be notified at each store you visit if you are donating—in fact you'll even be notified right in the search engine results which stores donate and which don't so you can make the charitable choice about where to shop.
This is the power of simple!

the 2 minute

By downloading and installing the Browser Button, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions

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Get the Capital Browser Button

Why Install the Button

  • Ensures you're giving even when you don't start at CapRadio Shops
  • Provides instant access to the CapRadio Shops assets with the dropdown menu
  • Tips you off about which stores participate right in the search result
Get the Capital Browser Button

Search Engine Tipoff

In Google and Bing, you will see the button icon next to each merchant that participates in the program to guide you to shop charitably.

Get the Capital Browser Button

Access at Your Fingertips 

Your Privacy is Always Secure
The following browsers/OS are supported:
  • On Windows XP, Vista, and 7: Firefox 3.0-9.x, Chrome 9.0-16.x, and Internet Explorer 8.0-9.x
  • On Mac 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8: Safari 4.x-5.1.x
Note: iPad, iPhone, and Android browsers are not currently supported. This applies to the button only; the shopping website will work.