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Support CapRadio three easy ways without spending an extra dime!

As a group we have power. This website is a way to collectively leverage online stores to both give us great deals and pay back a percentage—which can help Capital Public Radio in so many ways. That makes everybody a winner...individually AND collectively!
Anyone can shop and support Capital Public Radio whether they have signed up or not (just bookmark this site and come back often). Take note though, if you sign up, there are perks to be had. Learn More

Shopping the Altruistic Way

CapRadio Shops
From the CapRadio Shops, you’ll be taken to your favorite stores where every purchase generates a donation for Capital Public Radio. You'll be a hero every time you shop.

State-of-the-Art Ease

CapRadio Browser Button

This tiny add-on to your browser tells you which stores participate. When you shop there as you normally do, you'll be contributing. Learn More

Your Personal Shopper

Customized Deals
Direct to Your Inbox

Sign up to have great deals that support CapRadio sent directly to your inbox — only as often as you choose.

Just How Does it Work?
Online stores will pay commissions for the traffic a large group like ours can generate. If we let them know we are affiliated with Capital Public Radio, they will know where to send the check and we know it will be put to good use. It’s easy: just select a deal or a store and you will be taken to that store to shop just the way you ordinarily would. It’s even easier: Install the CapRadio Browser Button and you don't need to begin at the website -- you can shop the way you ordinarily do (using a search engine or going directly to your favorite store) and you will be clearly notified if your store of choice participates. Learn More
The Old Way to Shop
The old way of e-shopping is great but leaves Capital Public Radio out in the cold.
The Old New to Shop
The new way of e-shopping is just as
easy, doesn't cost extra, AND generates donations for CapRadio.
Everybody wins!
Why Sign Up if I Can Shop Just Fine Without?
Time is money—or at least it's valuable. Weeding through unwanted deals eats up precious time better spent on other things. When you sign up, you can:
  • Choose your preferred shopping categories
  • Choose the frequency that you receive featured deals by email
For more information read the FAQ's on the Help page

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